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Technical Notes - Internet

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 As the leader I wanted to empower, guide, prompt through open, accessible and useful communication channels.

First priority was to create a website. I used Joomla version 3.1  Bought my domain name harbee.org at Telstra and signed up with Panthur Web Hosting. Installed these Joomla free extensions that worked - plenty didn't were:

  • K2 (This blog is built on K2) Blog Tool.
  • Kunena Forum tool (Great to create a closed Forum so we can use  names and protect privacy)
  • POWr Poll.

The Joomla CSV template I used was is "Beez Kneez" and it seems the most readable with white background and light blue writing.

I created unique user names and passwords for the 3 students, the 2014 teacher and one for ASG co-ordinator. The students have moderator rights and are able to author, edit and delete work. The students did not need to register or submit an email address to protect privacy.

In Joomla administration, I made each of the user's email addresses "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Really helpful because

  1. when a user makes a post I am alerted because the mailer daemon bounces the bogus email address to me
  2. the student doesn't receive an silly email receipt (waste of email inbox space.)
  3. I get automatically alerted about who has posted, time of day and date. 
  4. I only have to go to website and respond when I get that bounced email and know what sort of activity is happening online.

Social media will help I believe (Set these up early and be active. People appreciate news and there is plenty of interest generated over the award  and trip  to USA):

  • Facebook and Messenger - excellent for people interested in your progress. Not good for students.
  • Skype - great but difficult too set up. NOTE: Get a Skype address and don't use Facebook, Outlook, Live or MSN profile!
  • Google docs - fantastic for joint authoring - NOTE ensure when you share the link, tick the little box that says "can edit". Users can then just go to internet and start altering document. Very quick
  • Instagram and Twitter - not very useful. Probably will be good for quick posts in USA.


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